Some testimonials from my clients.

House Clearing

"I contacted Angela when my home would not sell, after hearing some great referrals from some of my clients, as to how quickly their homes sold after having a house clearing done.

I was desparate, and already understanding the power of energy and how it can affect people on a subconscious level, i decided to give it a try.

Little did I know, until after the clearing, that the energy in my home was what caused my severe undiagnosable body pains. The day my home was cleared, the daily pains i was experiencing, left me.

This was of course, completely unexpected!

She instructed me as to how to keep the flow of energy optimal, for bringing prospects in, and within 4 weeks of traffic, the house was sold."

- C.S. Acton ON

"I have known Angela for a long time as a guide and healer, and then a friend. When it was time for me to sell my home due to a major change in circumstances, I was very down hearted when there was very little interested buyers.

I realized that I needed some help and that having her involved would create swift results.

As usual I got alot more than I anticipated. The excess emotion that was lingering in the home was an obvious major issue that seemed to be stopping people in the driveway, from even wanting to come in. She cleared and heightened the energy, and then gave me some invaluable tips on what needed to change. I don't think I ever would have sold the house if it were not for the removal of a major stumbling block.

Within a very short time, people started coming and making offers! I am now very happily situated in my new home......and yes she has cleared the energy of the previous owners as well as shown me how to keep my home free from interference of EMF's, earth energies, as well as unwanted spiritual interference."

 - S.C. Terra Cotta ON

"My family and I live in a beautiful mature neighbourhood in a gorgeous town. Today our daughter is 4 ½ years old and her bedroom has always been at the back of our two story home. From the time she was born our daughter experienced very restless sleeps in her bedroom. We thought about many things that could make her restless and as such began moving her bedroom furniture around to find her a comfortable place. We researched many things but our best investment was contacting Angela to talk with her about our daughter’s restless sleeps. Not only was our daughter not sleeping, but I, as her Mom, was not sleeping and a happy home is a happy mom!! Angela suggested we invest in purchasing wagon wheels for our back yard in order to protect the parameters of our property. You see our home backs onto the hospital. Our daughter didn’t settle into her bedroom completely so I came to Angela again for help and she suggested a house clearing. Angela explained everything in detail as to what a house clearing involved. After the clearing was completed we entered our home and immediately I felt a sense of calm, peace and lightness. The “heavy” feeling was no longer surrounding us and our home even smelled fresh. There was a sense of contentment instantly felt. Angela confirmed there was a lot of spiritual activity going on in our home from the spirits who passed on at the hospital. Angela discovered there were 3 pathways from the hospital leading to our yard and Angela was successful in redirecting the spirits’ pathways to help them move on. Since then our home continues to remain calm and our daughter is sleeping much better than she ever has. Angela has an incredible talent in determining how to fix a problem with ease and clarity. Angela’s intuition is amazing and I highly recommend you contact Angela if you feel , or simply have an intuition that something is feeling unsettled in your home."

- S. Koops, Georgetown, ON


"Prior to Angela's clearing I was experiencing severe depression, on the brink of suicide, terrible nightmares that would debilitate me for days, I witnessed dark energies hovering over me in my sleep, no motivation to do anything but sit on the couch, and my home was in total disarray.

My cats often seemed to be staring at floating objects in the house, would suddenly startle and hide under the bed, as well as one of them having strange undiagnosable symptoms of scratching their skin raw, and pulling their hair out.

I was desperate and needed help. Angela remotely diagnosed the problems in my home, and reassured me that all would be well. She gave me some self help measures until she could fly to my home in St. Johns NFLD to do the clearing.

The house was cleared and even though I was unaware that some of the above mentioned symptoms for myself and my pets had much to do with my home, and especially the fact that i have suffered from depression my entire life, but miraculously, all of these issues began to lift immediately.

This seems too amazing to be true............but it really is.

I feel as if my life has just begun and there have been so many synchronistic events following the clearing. I have connected with new friends of a spiritual nature that are helping me get on my path, I have energy again, the nightmares are gone, the dark energies have not returned, I am eating well, I am happy, and my cats are back to 100% normal, and no longer stare off into space and hide.

I was also taught how to maintain this wonderful new energy for myself with some very easy tips.

I just can't say enough. Thank you Thank you Thank you!"

- Dianne, ST. John's NFLD


Customized Workshops, Parties or Meetings

"I met Angela a few years ago when I was having vestibular problems and undergoing some major life transitions. We hit it off immediately, and after receiving treatments, I soon became a believer in preventative and alternative healthcare practices, and wanted to share some of my enthusiasm with friends and co-workers.

I arranged a reflexology party/meeting for co-workers in June of 2008. I also had Angela to my home for a
Diva Spa day in February/08, to give treatments to all of the ladies in attendance. Both of these events were a great success, and some of the ladies, as well as myself, continue to see Angela monthly for our maintenance /de-stressing treatments."

Sherry A. Georgetown, ON


Distant Energy Overhaul

"Angela’s work (reiki and distance healing) has helped to clear anxiety, anger, and fear that has prevented me from being whole for most of my life. Through Angela’s work, I have come to feel the presence of loving, spiritual guides in my life who want the best for me. And I know have the courage to pursue my dreams. I’m eternally grateful for everything that Angela has done for me."

- Rob ON

"Hi Angela, Just wanted to tell you how much better I feel mentally, physically, spiritually since you did the energy overhaul. When you told me that you were going to start, I had an instant feeling of being very light. I didn't even realize how weighted down I was. As the day and week moved on I continued to feel more grounded, content, and focused. The written list that you gave me was pretty much exactly how I was feeling before the treatment. I am still in a wonderful frame of mind and I am looking forward to our next experience together."

- DB, Georgetown


“This was my first time receiving a distant healing from Angela de Haas. As a business consultant who is continually exposed to new ideas and environments, I was open to the idea of distant healing even though I had not known anybody else who had received one. My first surprise was reading the experience Angela documented—she tapped into emotions and negative beliefs we have never discussed, some buried so deeply they were not even part of my day-to-day awareness. After the healing, I noticed immediate pleasant changes in my thought processes, in particular my confidence about my future prospects in business and my personal life—the doubt and fear was gone. Many forms of therapy or healing involve disquieting time-consuming visits to somebody else’s office over several months—not so with distant healing from Angela. For anybody who is looking for a discrete, effective alternative, I would recommend distant healing from Angela.”

- P.J. Patterson, MSc. (Chemistry)


Reflexology/Medical intuitive/Distant Healing

"My husband met Angela at a Health show in April 2007. I had just given birth to our daughter on April 7, 2007 and in a short time frame we knew she was struggling with her bowel movements.

We were very concerned as our son had experienced the same thing when he was born, however, we provided suppositories for him and it was not pleasant for either of us.

We felt if there was a better, more natural way of getting her bowels straightened out, we would feel better, and no doubt our daughter would too!

Even though the Doctor insisted this was “normal” for our daughter, I placed a telephone call to Angela one morning and without hesitation she came to our home on the way home from her job!

As I say, Angela "worked her magic" and within a day or two Megan was normal.

Our whole family has experienced a variety of treatments and the outcomes have all been very positive. So much so I have told family members and friends about Angela.

Without a doubt we trust in Angela in so many ways. We know you will too!"

- The Koops Family, Georgetown, ON



"Having experienced a shoulder injury and receiving little improvement from the physio program I was attending, I spoke to my family doctor who advised chiropractic and massage therapies and a visit to the orthopaedic surgeon. According to the surgeon, ultrasound and MRI results showed I was inoperable thus I had "plateaued" - my shoulder range of motion would forever be limited. I heeded my doctor's advice and made appointments with a massage therapist and chiropractic doctor, both of whom came highly recommended by several people in the community. It was here that I first heard of Angela de Haas.

I used to attend reflexology on a regular basis to correct low back problems and stopped attending once my back was healed. I was again advised to attend reflexology and Angela's name kept entering the list of Georgetown and area people to consider. Heeding the advice of the massage therapist and chiropractor, I made an appointment with Angela and I remain one of her clients. Angela's reflexology treatments focus on specific areas of concern resulting in better sleep, posture and overall health. My shoulder continues to improve and, as a result of reflexology, my shoulder's range of motion has surpassed the "plateau" to within 5 degrees of full range of motion. R.T."

- Rose Tofano, Georgetown, ON



"I visited Angela for a series of Reiki and Therapeutic Touch sessions.

The treatments were so relaxing and yet so in tune to my specific needs.

I felt her natural intuition as well as her knowledge of her craft enables her to treat clients in a way that is pertinent to their specific needs.

I felt so improved after my visits and the long lasting healing effects far surpassed my expectations. I would highly recommend her services."

- Pam Lacy