Are any of your services covered by extended health care?
Not usually, but receipts are provided upon request.

How do I pay?
By Cash, Cheque, PayPal,  or Interac e-mail bank transfers. ( there is an extra fee for pay pal)

What is your cancellation policy?
24 hours for most modalities is requested. Individual circumstances are always taken into consideration.

48hrs for Crystal Healings and 7days for House Clearings.

Where are you located?
Address and map details are available under the contact heading.

Do you make house calls, and is there an extra fee?
No extra fee, if you live in Georgetown.

How many treatments will I need in order to notice results?
This is very much based on each individual in terms of state of health, age, healing ability, personal commitment, etc. Most clients feel changes occurring after the first session. Please refer to services, for more information, or contact me directly.


Questions about services

What are the reasons someone would request a house/business clearing?

The following are the reasons for requesting, and I go in and ensure the cause of the interference or energy patterns are removed and the building is protected. 

  • To increase the sale-ability of a home or building by removing underlying interference

  • to clear the old energy from previous tenants, before moving into a home or office

  • to clear energy patterns of sickness, or death affecting peoples health

  • to clear old emotions of anger or depression

  • to improve success of a business 


Can buildings be cleared remotely?
I certainly have done this for clients all over the world with good results, though I prefer to be in the space, when possible.


During a Hypnosis session, will I remember anything? 
There are a variety of experiences that people have, but because Hypnosis works with the client being only in a  light state of relaxation, called the Alpha state, remembering everything, parts of, or nothing at all, fortunately, makes no difference in terms of the effectiveness of the session.


During Hypnosis, can I be made to do things I do not want to do? 
You are always in control. Anything that is outside of your personal comfort zone, in your everyday conscious life would be impossible for a Hypnotherapist to implant. You simply would over ride the request or come out of hypnosis.

Trust is very important in terms of the relationship between you and your Hypnotherapist, and nothing can happen until that trust is established. I spend as much time as is needed to make sure there are no doubts or fears left about the process before we begin. 


What is the difference between Reiki and Intuitive Healing?
Reiki follows a specific format while Intuitive Healing is a combination of any techniques and/or modalities that I have learned, and the client may need at that specific time.

Distant Healing: How does this work?? How can someone receive healing vibrations, across an unlimited number of km, with having very little information about that person?
Distant healing is a way of projecting healing energy to a client by plugging into the clients personal and unique energy field, by way of that person’s personal signature, or imprint. The client wishing to receive healing, can be identified by way of a name, a personal belonging, or photograph, all of which carry this unique imprint. This method makes healing available to anyone, anywhere, on any schedule. No inconvenience of taking time away from family, school, or work. No travel time and expense, or appointments to keep. 

Clients may wish to book a time in which case they will be notified via text 5 min. prior to the session beginning.

Any pertinent information is shared afterward.

What kind of qualifications do you have?

Certified Reflexologist, trained through the Holt School in Bolton

Reiki Master, and Advanced Reiki training with William Rand, International Centre for Reiki Training

Medical Intuitive certification, with Lori Wilson, Inner Access 101.

Acupressure massage diploma, with Holt School

Touch For Health: 4 levels, with Anne Catherine Morrison

Therapeutic Touch: 3 levels with various teachers

Holistic Cranial Sacral Training, levels 1 & 2, with Dr. Fadel Behman of the International Holistic Health Energy Institiute

Hypnosis Certification: Mindful Matters in Mississauga

House Clearings and Blessings: I have been certified in Psychic Defense training/House Clearings with Reverend Jean Toward, with ongoing consultation as needed.