Regression is about being safely guided back in time, through this life, and if requested into previous lifetimes, in order to access important information. During the regression, this information is used to heal the deepest parts of self at the root source.  From the healing of those fractured places, one can begin to unravel and recover by using the new expansive energy, that is brought forward and begin to experience the present in a more open and satisfying way.  


Q- Why would someone request, or be advised to have, a regression??

A- The main reason clients request a regression would be to learn more about self limiting patterns, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, in order to get to the root cause, heal it, release it and bring back only aspects that align with the life that is currently desired.

Possible issues a regression can release:

Trauma of all types, that interfere in experiencing life and relationships to the fullest.

Guilt or shame that continues to permeate ones life, in terms of relationships and/or making positive choices.

Resentment that leaks out in inappropriate ways into all aspects of ones life.

Physical ailments or conditions that don't seem to improve.

Addictions, to people places or things

Low self esteem, or lack of confidence, that limits ones ability to do what they truly desire in life.

Regression can be experienced in the studio or from the comfort of your home, via Skype from anywhere in the world.

Investment: Past-Life Regression $150. includes post regression support time.

This life-time only: $60.

I look forward to helping you remember your full potential, and begin living life from this empowered place!