A couple of options:

Beginning Tuesday September 17th,at 7pm, 2019 Angela will be leading weekly meditation at Crystal Tree Yoga, at 75 Mill Street in Georgetown. The classes will be geared to beginners. Please click on Crystal Tree Yoga to access the website and complete schedule.


Create your own group and invite Angela to lead your practice, or purchase the 8 level one instructional cds. Either way,  this spiritual practice is designed to assist in the transformation and alignment of one's life with their spiritual path, using guided imagery to release old patterns, open doors of awareness, and bring a new levels of empowerment to each individual.

One on one healing and balancing meditations are offered to any level, anywhere in the world, via Skype.

The CDs:

Transform your life series,  foundational level, includes 8 discs. 101-801 

Each cd is equivalent to one live beginners level class with warmups, meditations, journaling exercises, and 15 minutes of personal support time with the purchase of the series.

Contact us to place your order today... $150. plus tx for the set of 8.

After having completed this program, you qualify for intermediate level.

     Each Disc includes..... 

  101-The journey begins with raising your vibration and practicing the law of attraction 

  201- Meeting your animal totem, and healing with tree medicine.

  301-Making decisions and clearing your path.

  401- Healing the Inner child and forgiveness.

  501 - Reconnecting levels of consciousness and recreating your life.

  601- Healing the body, and discovering your soul foods.

  701- Utiilizing your past life library and inner sanctuary.

  801- Angel healing and visiting those on the otherside.

 The live classes: As of  Fall 2015 the only way to have Angela lead your meditation practice, will be to create your own group and invite Angela to lead, or to follow the complete level one practice by purchasing the CD's .


Check for the format of themed beginning 2015 on the calendar page of this site.

Every month or so, a theme is chosen and for 3 weeks there are classes that anyone can register for and drop into. Anyone is free to attend 1, or all 3 of the classes, within the 3 week period. Choose the format that appeals to you, or decide to try something new.

The first of the 3 week period will be a guided meditation based on the "theme of the month". The second week is a hypnosis session based on that same theme. The third week is a mindfulness style meditation based on that theme.

With each class, there is a free recording of the meditation or hypnosis session, and for anyone who cannot attend, they have the option to purchase the recording to practice at home for $10 each.

For a complete list of the available live downloads, visit the products page. If you wish to purchase any of downloads, send an email with your requests.